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Recent blog posts

Heather Winslow joined London Foot Specialists as an employee 20 years ago when we were at St. Joseph's Health Care. In addition to performing a wide array of tasks, she is dedicated to her job, loyal to her colleagues, and diligent in her work. Heather is a remarkably dedicated employee who views Hunt Foot Care as part of her extended family. She is invariably the first to arrive early each morning, and cheerfully supports colleagues. She has been instrumental in fostering a friendly, interactive and collaborative work environment, including remembrance and celebration of birthdays, the occasional birth or marriage. Heather's dedication extends beyond a regular workday, often visiting patients in their homes. When a longstanding patient passes, Heather can be found expressing her sympathies to the family. Her caring nature, dedication, and work ethic have defined the spirit of Hunt Foot Care and she plays a major role in its achievements. In all that she brings to her job Heather enjoys life. She excels as a loving daughter, sister, aunt, and a mother of two wonderful children and an adoring grandson. In her spare time Heather values the special times with her family, church and relaxing by the pool. 
Thank you Heather for your dedication over the last 20 years! J. Craig Hunt

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new running shoe webNow that the weather is better and the sun has warmth again, many more of us will be outside enjoying our favourite sports or pastimes.


That also means that a lot more of us are getting hot sweaty feet in training or running shoes, creating the ideal conditions for athlete's foot.

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1950s girls in stilettosTeenagers can be very fussy about their shoes, and as parents, we inevitably worry that the latest fashions or fads they want to wear may not be good for our kids' feet.


So, what better time than Foot Health Awareness Month to talk to your kids about buying shoes, so they can make informed decisions, and don't bring home shoes that give you nightmares!


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Achilles heel

In ancient mythology, the hero Achilles was dipped in the River Styx to made him invincible - except for the back of his heels where he was held by his mother.


That's why we have an Achilles tendon, and even for non-Greek mythical heroes, it's a vulnerable spot in our feet.


So, if you're planning to start up your exercise again this weekend, take care of your tendons with our top tendon care tips.


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County courthouse London

What's your favourite walk in an Ontario city? In a recent article in the New York Times*, New Yorkers put forward their favourite walking routes through the city's streets and parks.


From routes home from late night music gigs to early morning dog walks, new architectural discoveries and best buddy bridges (yes really), it's a fascinating insight into people's relationship with their built environment.


It's also a timely reminder, in national Foot Health Awareness month, just how important it is to get out of the car and walk, not just for our physical wellbeing but also for our mental health.


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Love Your Feet this Valentine's Day!

feetheartsoleIt may not seem the most romantic thing to do this Valentine's Day, but taking a little time to look after your feet could keep you on your toes for longer!


Already, your feet would have been through a lot this winter, tucked away in boots and trudging through some pretty impressive snowstorms.


They will have been hot, cold, sweaty, and are probably showing the effects of rubbing in some form or other.


So, here's a six point plan for showing your feet some TLC this February 14th.

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Flying on two feet: airline travel foot health

palm tree beachOne of the great joys of living in our part of Ontario are the regular flights from London International Airport to sunnier climes such as the Dominican Republic, Florida and Cuba!


There's no doubt that airline travel is a bit of a bargain at the moment, but there is a payoff - less legroom. As airlines pack more passengers in, and provide seat back entertainment systems, there is less and less room (or incentive) to move about during a flight.


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Footcare and Diabetes - your essential guide

Diabetes is a major health issue in Canada - over nine million Canadians are living with either Type I or Type II diabetes, or prediabetes (high blood glucose levels)*.


When diagnosed early, diabetes is both treatable and manageable, and needn't stop you doing the things you enjoy, from sports to socialising. However, it isn't just about blood sugars and insulin; many newly-diagnosed diabetics don't realise the impact the disease can have on various parts of their body, especially their feet.

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Trick or treat, not trip and fall: Halloween safety tips from Hunt Footcare

If you're planning to go out trick or treating this Halloween, here are a few tips to keep you and your kids up on your feet all night long…


1. Avoid costume calamities
Halloween costumes come in all shapes and designs, but you do need to find one that fits if you're going to be able to spook out the neighbours in style! One of the biggest problems is a costume that is too long, and can be easily tripped over by kids when they run excitedly from one house to the next. Watch out too for capes and cloaks, which can flop forward or be blown around little legs by the wind. Also consider how long your Halloween costumes are at the back, so kids don't end up treading on the costume of the person walking in front of them and jolting them off their feet as a result!

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school-shoes-b-w copy


It's high summer, the kids are running around in their shorts and sneakers, and we're talking about school already?


Yes, and with very good reason - the start of the Fall term is only a month away!


And the last thing you need at the end of a long hot summer is to suddenly remember to check the kids' shoes on Labour Day, find they don't fit anymore, and have no time to rush out and buy new back-to-school shoes before term starts on September 3rd!


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As the summer starts to heat up, most of us will be finally be reaching for our cool summer sandals, flip flops, deck shoes and jelly shoes!


It's tempting to think our feet will pretty much take care of themselves, but they do need some TLC during the warmer months too.


Here are our top 10 tips for healthy feet all summer long:

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World Cup football fever: football foot health tips to help improve your game


If the FIFA World Cup 2014 has inspired you to get back on the soccer pitch this summer, we've got some simple shoe care and foot health tips to improve your playing without the need for an expensive manager or coach!


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Just for fun, a quick quiz to test just how much you know about your foot! The answers will be posted at our Facebook page ( - why not Like us while you're there!

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Spring is the perfect season to enjoy running outside again, after months spent in the gym on treadmills or indoor tracks. The move from inside to outside, however, can put strain on your feet, as you start to run on different surfaces and in different weather conditions.

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As the days get longer and the snow becomes more of a distant memory, thousands of Canadians will find themselves left out of their favourite sport or activities because of foot problems caused by - their socks.

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The sun is shining, the deck is warm, and as you slap on your sandals you suddenly realise your feet don't quite look their best after a long winter in boots! So, it's time to give your feet a good check and solve any conditions or issues that have been covered up all winter with out five point footcare checklist.

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If the sun is out, the ballpark is calling, and your baseball cleats have emerged from their winter storage looking warped, worn or weary, it's time for a new pair! Here are a few tips for buying baseball shoes this spring, from the expert sports foot health team at Hunt Footcare.

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It's been a long winter here in Ontario, and the snow seems reluctant to disappear, but spring is finally on its way. Time to prepare your muscles and your footwear for sunshine and fun, with a little help from foothealth experts Hunt Footcare!


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As snow and ice start to become part of everyday life again here in Ontario, over 60 people a day will visit an emergency department for injuries caused by a fall involving ice and snow. Yes, you did read that right, 60 people a day, with the highest rates amongst older adults, and almost equal numbers of men and women. Injuries to the knee and lower leg are the most common, closely followed by injuries to the ankle and foot, then the hip and thigh.

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There is no more exhilarating feeling than feeling fresh powder beneath your skis or board, and heading out the enjoy great day in the slopes or on the trails. All skiing, whether cross country, downhill or snowboarding demands a lot from your feet and ankles, which need to act as your steering, your brakes, and as shock absorbers. So, it makes sense to look after your feet in return!

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