Our heels take a lot of pressure, and we expect them to look great whether we are barefoot, in summer sandals or expensive strappy heels. However, our heels do need some TLC, otherwise the skin can become dry and prone to cracking.


Heel cracks are when the skin on our heels breaks apart, creating a deep fissure that is both painful and prone to infection. Some skin infections can also make the skin on your heels crack too. Heel fissures are potential risky for those with diabetes, so if you are diabetic, it's important you seek professional treatment for cracked heels as soon as they become apparent.

Expert treatments for cracked or sore heels

At Hunt Footcare, we know how to heal cracked heels. Our expert team will provide the expertise and TLC required to restore your heels to their natural, crack-free state. First, we diagnose what's causing the cracks - dryness or a skin infection. For dry heels, we might use a deep-penetrating moisturising cream combined with removal of rough and toughened skin to help the moisture get to where it's needed most. If the cracks are caused by a fungal skin infection, we will treat accordingly so that you can, as the saying goes, soon show us a clean pair of heels!


For more details on heel conditions, including sore heels, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or heel pain, consult any of our team at Hunt Footcare. Our podiatric clinics can be found in London, Ingersoll and Stratford, Ontario, and we're open at times to suit your busy lifestyle too.

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