Your feet have stood you in good stead all your life, so as we age it makes sense to take that little extra care of our feet. By maintaining healthy feet, we can stay active and mobile for longer, enjoying our retirement and later life to its fullest.

At Hunt Footcare, we offer a complete senior foot care service, not just focusing on traditional chiropodist services. We aim to ensure every aspect of foot health is covered, from checking circulation to custom orthotics to gently correct gait problems and maintain stability. Yes, we do toenail trimming, corn and callus treatments, and bunion care, but most of all, we aim to keep you on your feet and mobile for longer.

Mobility help from Hunt Footcare

There are a wealth of simple and effective aids to better mobility including foot orthotics, knee and ankle braces and orthopedic shoes, that help you keep your balance and reduce the risk of falls. We can also help guide you on stretching, strengthening and balancing programs.

Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis foot care

Arthritis can strike at any age, but as we grow older, we're more likely to experience this form of joint pain and stiffness. We can offer a range of services to keep you as supple and flexible as possible, from physical therapy and joint mobilization programs, to ultrasound, and discreet and lightweight braces for walking and sporting activity.

Diabetic foot care

Diabetes can severely affect the health of our feet - for more details, see our Diabetic Foot Care page.

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